Another Saturday of bringing buyers and sellers together has come and gone.  We had a pretty good time this weekend.  We found out Costa Concordia isn't scaring folks off, what was on Diane Abernathy's mind and why the grass is always greener on the other side.

The biggest news of the show has to be the return of Diane Abernathy as producer and call screener.  We had an incident a week ago when a guy claiming to be "El Mascara" made his way on the air.  It led us to make a change at the producer position.  We wish Bryan all the best in his future endeavors.

Of course, El Mascara made it in again this week.  He's some joker at the flea market and he doesn't get the show isn't really for that group of folks.  Since I'm all out of producers, Diane won't face the axe but we did have a lengthy discussion after the show to make sure it doesn't happen again.  I decided against going down there to confront him as that wouldn't end well for anyone.

We ask callers a Big Question each week in an effort to better get to know them.  This week's was; In light of the Costa Concordia incident would you take a cruise if you could?  The needless sinking of the ship didn't seem to have any impact on listeners attitude on taking a pleasure cruise.  Those going were 25, not was 20.  Most of those going want to take an Alaskan cruise. If I ever took one, that's where I'd go.

We also present the rules of the show at the top of each hour so everyone is one the same page and knows how the show works.  The only one not getting it is El Mascara.  The sixth rules changes every week.  It is usually inspired by something I think will either genuinely help you with your walk of life or make you laugh about it.

This week's Rule #6 was inspired by a conversation Katilyn G and I were having Friday night.  She's getting a bit weary of school and ready to be done with it.  And as she gets older I often hear her complain about facets of life I have also often been frustrated with.  It makes it difficult to give helpful fatherly advice when on a certain level I agree completely with her complaints.  One area she is really struggling with is the old adage "the grass is always greener on the other side".  To her, the other side is looking really, really green and the patch she's standing in looks rather barren.

And that inspired Rule #6 for this week.

Rule #6 - The grass is always greener on the other side because it's at an angle.

I remember reading some time back(googling for this did not bring any results; in fact I could be making it up but I don't think I am) scientists had discovered why your neighbor's grass always seems greener than yours when looking at it from your lawn.  It has to do with the shape of the blades of grass and the amount of light they reflect back.  Remember, the way we perceive things in our environment is the light they reflect off of them into our eyes.  Standing in the middle of your yard looking down you see far less reflected light from your grass than you do the neighbor's grass, which you are viewing from an angle, which is catching more light and throwing it into your eyes.

Your grass could be the greenest in the world but you'd never know it because you're standing in the middle of it.

Kind of like life, right Katilyn G?

We've rolled out a couple of new features on the show over the last two weeks.  Katilyn G has started identifying her best and worst of the show during the Shotgun Recap at 11:45.  She had a hard time finding anything wacky for worst this week so bring your unusual stuff this weekend!

The other is "Whats on Diane's Mind" and it plays around 10:00 and 11:00 straight up.  It's her version of the days news with her sharp commentary.

We hope you find both features valuable additions to the show!  We look forward to helping you next week make some money!