Walter Wendler - The Human Potential
Without trappings, the ultimate purpose of a university education is to enhance human potential. While wrapping up a high school visit in Amarillo, Texas, I asked the audience of students and parents if anyone had any questions.
Celebrate Christmas with a Living Nativity
I was sitting in the studio listening to "Hark the Herald Angels Sing," such a great song and started thinking about the Nativity story. The story of Jesus' birth. How cool would it be to see something like this live and not just a nativity scene on a lawn or on a shelf. Then I rea…
Gonna Sneeze? Put Some Lung Into It
I live in the Texas panhandle, so that means I sneeze. A lot. I also hear other people sneeze and I want to share a tip, that will help you get the most out of sneezies. You'll may sneeze less...or more.
Most Popular Christmas Candy in Texas Is...
Let's face it Christmas is about food. I know, I know, Christmas is about family and friends, giving and the birth of Jesus, but c'mon, it's about food. We eat a ton of food during this time of year and 1/2 a ton of candy, so it's no surprise that Texas has a popular candy.

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