Unemployment Reaches 9.2 Again While Business Hiring Stalls
If you are trying to find a job in this "recovery", you are probably finding it a bit difficult. With only 18,000 net jobs created in June, this isn't even enough to keep up with population growth. Just to keep up with population growth there would need to be 125,000 jobs crea…
Unemployment Rate Passes 9.1% In United States
Although you wouldn't know it from the administrations press announcements and releases, but unemployment is rising. It has official passed 9 % again. With the election coming up and Obama's approval rating fluctuating, this could be a big hit to his campaign.
Obama Talks Tough To Syria – Talk Or Election Ploy?
It seems that the closer it gets to election time, the more President Obama moves to the middle. He gets tough on terrorism (which he would never even call terrorism before), admits to using enhanced interrogation techniques (which he said he was abolishing), talks of attacking the high gas prices (…

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