If you are trying to find a job in this "recovery", you are probably finding it a bit difficult. With only 18,000 net jobs created in June, this isn't even enough to keep up with population growth. Just to keep up with population growth there would need to be 125,000 jobs created each month and even more to lower the unemployment numbers.

Businesses aren't hiring in the overwhelming threat of higher taxes and the business killing health care bill. Business owners can't feasibly bring on new employees. By forcing employers to insure every employee or be fined, you leave some businesses that just barely make it with no choice. They have to fire people.

This administration has talked about job creation and it has been almost 3 years. I don't see the jobs. It comes to a point when this administration needs to take responsibility for it's policies. Not even a week ago, President Obama threw blame back on the Bush Administration. The time for blaming his predecessor is over, now it's time to live up to his promise of "CHANGE". Because, the change that I have seen from this president has this country in a very scary place.