Elderly Man Invents Chinese Econo-Rascal Powered by Dog
In staunch times of economic struggle, it can become necessary to get back to the primitive and consult your immediate resources as a means for survival. However, when all you have at your disposal is a busted clothes rack, a few shopping cart casters and a mangy old dog, the reality is that fiscal …
Nursing Home Delivers Mail and Adorable Baby Ducks to the Elderly
We all hate getting bills to the point where some of us will even hide them in the freezer to put them completely out of sight and therefore out of mind. Volunteer mailman Steve Score of Minnesota’s Emmanuel Nursing Home has the unfortunate job of delivering such mail, but it looks like he’s found t…
97-Year-Old Finally, Finally, Gets Her Diploma
Eighty years is a long time to wait, but for Ann Colagiovanni, the wait was worth it. This 97-year-old grandma’s road to a diploma spans eight decades and is simultaneously incredibly sad and utterly heartwarming.
Streets Belong to the Elderly as Older Drivers Outnumber the Younger
We’ve all heard the stories of elderly drivers with poor vision who drive through the front of stores or hit pedestrians — just watch South Park. If you’re one of those people who are freaked out by these often times urban legends, a new study from the University of Michigan might freak you out even…

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