I stand proudly un-inked.  I don't fault anybody that is.  I've just never been so committed to something I'd want to brand myself forever.  Not even my daughter or beloved Dallas Cowboys rate that kind of commitment.  But a tattoo cell phone accessory?  I might have to reconsider.

I used to run with my phone on vibrate 100% of the time.  I felt it was a matter of courtesy.

Until I developed 'phantom vibrations'.  I thought the dang thing was ringing every couple of minutes.  I had to switch to the audible ring.

Nokia is taking the vibrating alert one step further.  They've patented technology that would see cell users getting a tattoo of a magnetically active image.  The phone would then magnetically vibrate the tattoo to make you aware of an incoming call.  You can customize the vibrations much as you can a ring tone.

How this will affect MRI's, phantom vibrations and airport scanners has not been discussed.

And inevitably people getting these tattoos will find themselves rendered obsolete in two months as the march of technology invents a better magnetic tattoo.

For more see this source article.