It takes a village to raise a child.  It takes a community to fight West Nile.

Watching the fight in Dallas against the deadly virus carried by feasting mosquitoes has been a reminder why it is nice to live on the staked plains.

We don't appear to have quite as much abandoned or foreclosed property.  Many in the Dallas area are finished with gigantic pre-bust swimming pools.  They are now teeming with the insects.

With several confirmed cases in our area and the recent heavy rain we've had you can't sit idly by and simply let the city handle it.  It will take all of us to keep the mosquitoes down.  Where ever you live, apartment or home be certain to check for standing water in your area.  Whether it is the seldom changed bird bath or junk tires in the back yard, standing water is the foundation of a good nursery for mosquito larvae.  It only takes a few days.

With your help we can avoid what Dallas is going through; aerial disbursement of mosquito insecticide over their heads and homes.