This has been the topic of a heated debate for many years. As of late, the subject of people who abuse government assistance has been the topic of many heated conversations. Now photos have began to surface with the proof of this printed on shopping receipts, or do you think this doesn't qualify as abuse?

We've all heard the stories of hard working people standing in line with their family's weeks worth of groceries consisting of the ground hamburger, Hamburger Helper, generic lunchmeat and generic soda; only to have someone ringing up t-bone steaks, shrimp, and tons of junk food, only to be paid for with the swipe of a LoneStar Card (Foodstamp Assistance Card).

Now for the important question. Is this abuse of the system? Should there be regulation on what foods are allowed to be purchased with a Lonestar Card or other foodstamp benefit program? There are no rules that say a person can't buy a T-Bone steak, or in this instance 2 steaks and 6 lobsters. We all know that the tax payer money that is given to the people on assistance would go much further if they were to purchase less expensive food. So would you call this abuse?

There are many people out there who use assistance the way that it should be used and don't abuse it. Others who use it for a temporary time period until their finances are back on stable ground. Still there are many who use their assistance in the manner depicted in the photo. At what point does this become known be the people administering these benefits so it can be stopped, or does it ever?