We all hear the warnings about smoking and that it causes cancer, yet there are still millions of smokers in the United States. The FDA is looking at a new radical way to lower that number.

They are planning on putting graphic images of people with cancer, in hospitals and children suffering from being around parents who smoke. I don’t think it is any shock to anyone on the planet that cigarettes are bad for you.I am curious if Phillip Morris is flipping out right now.

I wonder if heading into the store to buy a pack of cigarettes and seeing a picture of a man with a hole in his throat directly on the pack of cigarettes would deter someone from smoking. People know the kinds of things that happen to them when they smoke, yet they continue to buy them. Addiction can be baffling.

I watched as smoking contributed to my father’s stroke and ultimately a fatal heart attack, my mothers heart problems and breathing issues and a fatal health condition and smoked the entire time. I knew exactly how bad cigarettes are and still continued to smoke. I quit smoking over 3 years ago because my daughter has asthma and haven’t picked up a smoke since. I know that is not the normal quit smoking story, but it’s mine and I feel very grateful for it.

I know the best thing that I can do to keep my child from smoking is to not smoke my self and to talk to her and make her understand that if she doesn’t ever start, she never has to ‘Try to quit’. There are many anti-smoking campaigns and other groups out there geared towards helping people stop smoking and keeping young people from ever starting. Here in Amarillo, you can contact Tobacco Free Amarillo.

Do you think this will help people stop smoking or is it geared at the people buying their ‘first pack’?