As fires erupted South of Amarillo again this weekend, 3 local fire fighters suffered minor injuries battling the blaze. It seems the moment we think we are getting a break from these fires, there is an alert on the radio stating there is another one.

Amarillo Globe News reported 2 of these firefighters suffered from heat exhaustion and one actually and the other suffered minor cuts after the windshield in his truck broke while battling the blaze. None of the injured firefighters were hospitalized. Our prayers are with all of these brave individuals who risk their lives daily to protect ours.

With gusts reaching 45 miles an hour, the flames were near impossible to extinguish and air tankers dropped fire retardant material in order to prevent flames from spreading. 590 acres were lost.

Shortly after this blaze was contained, units were called out to a fire that started just Southeast of Dumas. First reported as two fires, but later downgraded and reported as a single fire, this blaze burned over 1,000 acres. The only structures endangered by this fire were used in oil pump processing.