Another Saturday morning of bringing buyers and sellers together was completed this weekend.  A few helpful tips on staying alive this week were included.

The week's Big Question on the Erwin Pawn Tradio Show was inspired by Christmas.  Specifically we'll be taking Christmas Eve off due to most of the show's participants traveling next weekend.  We were curious if you were traveling also.

Surprisingly most of you are staying home.  Our informal poll of Tradio callers reveled 32 of you were staying in town while only 9 of you were staying.   Which is good because according to my observations, the road is no place to be.

This week's Rule #6, which changes every week, had bit to do with the Christmas traffic.  If just seems a little out of control this time around.  Too many people driving impatiently, dangerously and aggressively.  I almost got sucked into two road-rage incidents.

Therefore Rule #6 - Keep your head behind the wheel.  If the other folks want to be crazy, you keep your cool.  Don't complicate an already stressful holiday season for yourself.

And be sure and join us for the next Erwin Pawn Tradio Show on New Year's Eve.

Have a Merry Christmas from the whole Tradio crew!