The arrival of the newest born technology in the Northwest Texas Healthcare System is the new, Davinci SI HD surgeon robot. The technology for Robotic surgery isn't the first of its kind here in the panhandle, but it's the most current technology in the market. The machine cost about $1.5 million, and is made to make surgery less invasive for a patient by saving time and pain.

Lorena H. @ Flickr

This new technology mimics the wrist movements of an actual surgeon, but allows them to operate with more precision . Also these machines, would have to open up a patient and do everything with tiny tools that surgeons do with their hands.

The traditional method would leave huge scars and a healing process of up to eight weeks.The goal with this new machine is to decrease the number of abdominal incisions and therefore decrease the pain and time away from work. Which that is required for a woman undergoing a hysterectomy.

So is this the new way to go when deciding surgery?