Part of the uncertainty of surgery your surgeon won't discuss with you.  A new robot invented in Europe may eventually make the discussion unnecessary.

Over the last year I've had five surgeries.  None of them were brain surgeries, thankfully.  With every surgery you have you'll be dealing with an issue rarely discussed.  Surgeon's tremor.

Think about it.  Any fine movement you make with your hands induces some bit of tremor.  The finer the movement the greater the potential tremor.  This is especially troubling with brain surgery where the smallest of tremor could have the greatest of impacts.

British, German, Italian and Israeli researchers have developed a robotic hand that reduces surgeon's tremor by 10 times.  The robot hand has 13 types of movement compared to the four available to human hands.

The robot also features "haptic feedback" or physical cues that allow surgeons to feel force applied during surgery.  Think of it as force feedback in video games.

The robot has not been tested on animals or humans but is forthcoming.

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