Last night's Amarillo City Council meeting began with Mayor Paul Harpole announcing the status a possible removal of the City Manager and the resignations of members of the Amarillo Economic Development Board were removed from the agenda.

It was just a week ago that council members Mark Nair and Randy Burkett were calling for City Manager Jarrett Atkinson's resignation as well as resignations from the AEDC board.

Recent controversies including over-estimated water bills, a logo controversy and the overhaul of Animal Control were contributing factors in the desire to see the City Manager resign.  The FBI investigation of the AEDC and its purchase of the Commerce Building were the reason board members were asked to resign.

A vocal community of residents have been critical of downtown redevelopment and are especially opinionated on whether Amarillo should proceed with building a new downtown events venue.

The line for public comment ran out the door with residents wishing to express their opinions on the issues.