Broadcasting yourself is a very popular pastime.  But the behemoth known as YouTube is growing faster than the viral videos found there.

I never had the urge to broadcast myself.  I didn't get the whole YouTube deal until I found a long lost cartoon series posted there.  Suddenly the uses of YouTube became quite clear.

I don't have an iTunes account, I just use YouTube for music and I know a lot of you do.  That is probably my primary use for the site.

But how much video is on YouTube?  And how much new stuff is there everyday?

In 2007 it was seven hours of video uploaded everyday.  In 2012 its grown to 60 hours of video every minute.  In other words, one hour of video gets posted every second.

That's a lot of singing cats, stunts gone wrong, baby videos and anything else innane people want to post.

For more see this source article.