You have to be a season ticket holder to consider yourself a fan.  At least a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  It must be true, the new owner said it.

I'm quite the beleaguered Dallas Cowboys fan.  It is a difficult time of year to be an active supporter of 'America's Team'.

It's been longer than I care to verify since the Cowboys have played meaningful football.  But yet I go on, spending money and time.  I have precious little of both commodities.  It starts to make a person feel like the team owes them something.  Sadly they don't.

A fan's only recourse is to stop spending that time and money on the team and spend it elsewhere.  Once enough people do that the team must address its issues to recapture it's fanbase.  When you are the Dallas Cowboys there are too many idiots like me to ever force Jerry Jones to change.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are also in the NFL.  That is about where the similarities end.  Especially where ownership is concerned.

Shahid Kahn recently bought the team.  The franchise has been a perennial loser since joining the league,  has a withering fanbase  and suffers from abysmal home game attendance.

Kahn recently held a press conference to introduce his new head coach.  He went on to say he's only interested in criticism from ticket buyers.

The full quote:

"For me a fan is somebody who is a season ticket holder for the Jaguars. So that is a key definition we need to get out. We want to hear from people, we want a huge amount of constructive feedback. We need input, but we need that from fans who are season ticket holders."