The Total Improvement Expo is coming to Amarillo this Saturday, January 19th. If you are looking to make any improvement in your life, you really should be in attendance! Plus, we've got some great entertainment including Jake Moss from HGTV and more!

This is going to be an event that can benefit anyone and everyone, regardless of your place in life. If you are looking to make some home improvements, looking for new options for a vehicle, or looking to keep that weight loss New Year's resolution, you can find everything you're looking for at the Total Improvement Expo.

Jake Moss from HGTV will be giving a presentation from 2pm - 5pm as well as signing autographs. If you're not familiar with Jake, please check out his Bio below. I'm sure it will ring some bells for you.

Jake Moss

Best known from shows like HGTV and DIY’s Yard Crashers, Turf War and his latest and greatest, Yardcore, Jake Moss is a loveable character, ever-donning a fedora and greeting those he loves with a, “What’s crackalackin?” But more than his television stardom and his energy for life, Jake is all about the art he can create from reused, repurposed and reclaimed materials.

He lovingly refers to his work as, “Scrappin’ It.”

From fence boards to funky features, Jake has found a niche in crafting seemingly useless items, into astoundingly beautiful works of art. A child of a landscape designer, Jake and his brother, Joel, grew up in the business. Though he admits he was fired more than once by his dad, he found his groove in a time where people want to be different and express themselves in their home design. And in today’s world, it begins outside, where Jake excels.

Lengthy interviews with homeowners lead Jake down the road to inspiration where he can take individual personalities and reflect them in outside spaces. He calls it a vibe. And though he loves creating his backyard art on and off camera, his experience on television has given him opportunities to showcase his designs more publicly and with people who come from all walks of life.

Here are just a few other topics of improvement you will find at the Total Improvement Expo:

Fitness-If you are looking to get fit in 2013 then we have some of the best experts in Amarillo to get you on that path to being fit.

Weight Loss – If you are looking to shed a few pounds then we will have Weight Loss Experts available to help you accomplish your weight loss goal.

Beauty – from make-up to clothes, jewelry to bling, it’s all about making you feel beautiful inside and out.

Health – find out how you can get healthy and stay healthy in 2013

Home Improvement – Improving your home can help improve you.  Come meet our home improvement experts.  From lawn and garden, to flooring, to remodel, we have the information you need.

Auto-Improving your life could mean improving your mode of transportation.

Insurance – You can never have too much insurance.  Find out how to improve your existing insurance and more!