Water meter cheaters.  It could be the start of a great reality show on TruTv.  Unfortunately the reality is greater than anything you've seen on television.

The City of Amarillo has noted a growing problem.  Some residents have been unable to meet their water bill and have taken to turning the water back on after it has been disconnected.

Others go to a whole new level.  Thefts of water meters have been on the rise.  With the meter gone the culprit has to install an illegal hookup with materials that may or may not be approved for potable water.

Meters are visually checked every month.  This means any illegal changes are noticed fairly quickly.  The city is having to replace six to ten of the meters every week.

The water company begins by charging a reconnection fee and could lock up your meter.  This would keep you from shutting off your water in an emergency.

Tell you friends that are considering trying to beat city hall that it is quite impossible.