On this fateful day in history a great president of the United States was assassinated in the prime of his life. John F. Kennedy had so many dreams and aspirations and he did not have a chance to see any of them come to pass.

On November 22 1963 in Dallas Texas, Lee Harvey Oswald (and many feel other conspirators) took the life of this president. This spawn a huge controversy that brought in the replacement president Lyndon Johnson.

After years of speculation, it even hit the big screen in the hit JFK, which shows an attorney who pursued the idea that JFK was killed by people in our own government and agencies. This movie gained huge popularity and has even swayed the masses in what they believe happened. At this point, none of that dramatic movie has been proven to be correct, but does raise some big questions.

Here is footage of the assassination of the 35th president of our great nation - This footage is graphic