Last Saturday on The Erwin Pawn Tradio Show we talked smack on Xcel, uplifted American Classifieds, and brought buyers and sellers together.

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There are rules everywhere.  Rules at home, at work, at the pool.  Everywhere.  Even on The Erwin Pawn Tradio Show.  There are five standard rules of conduct on the show and I bring you a special Rule #6.  This week's is a pretty obvious one and apropos for the occasion.

Rule #6: Pick up a copy of American Classifieds every week.


The show can't be just about buying and selling.  We like to provide a bit of comment or comedy with each call.  That starts with 'the big question', a simple poll question posed to callers before they give their items.

Xcel energy, the company you love to hate but can't live without, cried mercy last week.  They've asked customers to cut back on electricity because they are having trouble meeting demand.  Anytime I start to feel bad for Xcel I go look at my electricity bill and I begin to lose any pity I might have had for them.  Additionally I already do all I can to cut down on electricity.  It doesn't matter that they can't make it; I can't afford it anyway.

Have you cut down on electricity?

No 27

Yes 13

Basically two-to-one against.  Many folks complained about the power governors Xcel has installed on their air conditioners.  Many also commented that Xcel should build more plants to generate the power we need.  It is hot enough to be dangerous and we are supposed to cut the a/c?

Somehow I'm not upset at Xcel's problems.  Many others aren't either.

Of course this attitude is all coffee and donuts until the rolling blackouts start.

See you next Saturday for another EPTS!