It was another fun edition of "The Erwin Pawn Tradio Show" Saturday morning.  We posed the big questions "Noodles or Rice" to all callers.  It turned out to be a rice friendly crowd.

Every Saturday we ask the listeners a big question in an effort to better get to know our traders.  Katilyn G. came up with a good one when she suggested "noodles or rice".

Personally I prefer rice most often, especially with my Chinese food.  I'm not a big rice eater with my Mexican food.  Taco Bell's recent habit of putting rice as a filler in every new menu item is especially annoying.

But the callers of Tradio spoke loud and clear and their preference was also rice winning 22-14 over noodles.

Be sure and listen next week for another big question and if you miss it you can catch the recap right here on the website.