We enjoyed another exciting Saturday of bringing buyers and sellers together on 'The Erwin Pawn Tradio Show' last weekend.  We also wanted to know what you're doing with your weekends now that football has ended for another season.

It's the show where  you can buy, sell and trade pretty much anything except guns and ammunition.  This week we had an eclectic group of items with classic cars, exercise machines and furniture being popular items this last week.


We always ask our callers a poll question before we ask for their items.  This week was week two for NASCAR and the fourth week without football.  Not to mention March Madness is coming.  I had to know what sport you were watching, if any, now that football has gone into hibernation.

I broke it up in between the three major sports going on right now.  I didn't count spring baseball.

Hockey, Basketball, and NASCAR are all in season now and we wanted to know which one you were following.  I also included a 'none of the above' option.


Hockey & Basketball 4 each

None of the above 16

For the record, golf received two votes. Judging by our poll the callers are 50/50 on if there is a sport going on right now they care about.


Each week I bring you the rules of the program with a special Rule #6 that usually has to do with life and my walk in it.  I missed the previous EPTS due to surgery.  There were some very specific rules I had to follow for my recuperation. I followed orders and my prognosis is outstanding.

Rule #6: Always follow doctor's orders.

See you next Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Tradio Show!