MRE's or Meals-Ready-To-Eat are the staple our troops fight on when no kitchens are handy.  They're about to come with an extra kick.

Derided by most and given more slang names than most GI issue the Army has been working for over a decade to improve product quality and edibility.  They've also added some extra ingredients to keep soldiers in the field.

The most interesting change is caffeine infused beef jerky.  Each stick has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.  They are also adding in omega 3s, curcumin and Maltodextrin.  The Maltodextrin is in infused into applesauce to give it a kick.  It's called Zapplesauce.

MRE's have to be able to last on the shelf for three years in 80 degree heat so taste sometimes is a secondary consideration.

The newer MRE's were developed by Natick, sort of the gadget laboratory for the army.