World In Crisis And Obama Out Golfing
I don't know why everyone is so shocked that Obama is avoiding yet another crisis in the world. The guy does nothing but push left wing liberal agenda on the United States and is not concerned about anything going on in the world. And, we wonder why the rest of the world shows contempt towards …
Obama Will Not Arm US Agents In Mexico
Not arming the US Agents in Mexico seems to be asking for more violence against officials in Mexico. What ever happened to America standing up for ourselves and protecting our people, regardless of what country they are in?
Obama Steps Away From Unions For 2012
Obama appears to be looking out for his re-election, rather than standing by the unions as he promised. Might be too little too late for this president as this economy is still very unstable and unemployment is still at record highs in some states.
House Votes To Defund Obamacare
I hope that these tactics can at least dismantle Obamacare until a true conservative can make his way into the White House and actually fix healthcare, rather than follow the broken European/Canadian model.

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