Summer Road Work In Amarillo Tough On Everybody
When you are driving around town in the oppressive heat of summer you probably have a few complaints about the other drivers around you and all the road construction going on around town.  Try being a road crew worker, that's pretty hot.
Unprecedented Drought Baking US
July 2011 was recorded as one of the hottest months on record for certain parts of the United States and areas of the South are plagued by some of the worst drought conditions in decades.
The National Drought Mitigation Center recently reported that over a dozen states are currently experiencing abno…
Amarillo Area Heatwave & Drought Continues
The Amarillo area has been suffering from a drought since last year having received only .68 inches of water this year. Now, top that with a crippling heat wave and you can honestly say, the best thing that you can do is stay inside next to a nice cool air conditioner...

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