The Salvation Army Needs Volunteers and Donations
Now that the holiday season has past and the joyful bell ringers and red kettles are now a thing of the past until late November, the Salvation Army is still in need of help.  Help can come in many forms.   Here's how you can help the Salvation Army.
The Salvation Army Needs Desserts for Christmas Dinner
What is Christmas without something sweet.  You cannot have Christmas dinner with out some sweet desserts to end the meal.  Everyone should get to enjoy a delicious, pie, cake, candy at the end of their Christmas Meal.   That's why the Salvation Army is asking for you help.&…
Policy To Consider Giving Organs To Younger Patients
UNOS, is considering only allowing the healthier, younger patients to receive organs. While saying that the healthiest organs come from donors under the age of 35, those organs should go to healthier people, rather than people who have been on the list the longest...