On Sunday Amarillo Police were called out to the Flying J Truck Stop at I-40 and Airport Boulevard.

Police were called at 10:40pm on a report of an auto burglary.  A truck stop employee caught a man in his car, looking through his belongings.  The car owner confronted the burglar and told him to get out of the car.  The suspect got out and walked away.

The victim discovered the suspect had taken some personal items from the car and left behind a machete.  Another witness said he saw the man with a backpack on the parking lot earlier that evening.  He said he saw the suspect take a machete out of his backpack and then put it back.

When officers arrived they found the suspect in the truck stop being detained by witnesses after he allegedly took a drink from the cooler and didn't pay for it.

Police searched the man and his backpack.  In the backpack they found more than 40 documents including bank cards, vehicle registrations, insurance cards, bank deposit slips and other items that obviously did not belong to the suspect.

Majin Garza III, of Amarillo was booked into Potter County on various charges.