Sunday is the big game.  Bigger than anything you can imagine of it's type.  And it takes an even bigger stadium to pull it off.

Maybe you have heard that I'm somewhat of a rabid Dallas Cowboys fan.  Yes I have the disease and like the common cold there is no cure.

Obviously with the Super Bowl being played in Arlington at Cowboys Stadium the game will be especially bittersweet than other Super Bowls not featuring Dallas.  Maybe next year.

I've had the pleasure of attending two games at Cowboys Stadium and The Palace near-Dallas is quite a site to behold.  The sheer enormity alone takes your breath away as you walk towards the stadium and like a mountain it feels the closer you get the further away you are.

Jerry Jones, never one to hole up in his room and cry over a wasted season has been promoting all the bells and whistles Super Bowl attendees can enjoy inside his stadium.  Along those lines I found this article on the Cowboys home page focusing on the technology behind the scenes.

3 million square feet, 127 HP blade servers, 3100 flat screens, 212 concession stands, 185 IP security cameras, 250 miles of fiber optic cable and more all at the ready to put polish on the big game for those lucky enough to have tickets.

As for the game, no technology can help.  It's up to Green Bay and Pittsburgh.  They used to say Texas Stadium had a hole in the roof so God could watch his team.  If he's watching on Sunday there's no way he lets Pittsburgh win!

Go Packers!!!