Regardless of whether you are a fan of Comedy Central's 'South Park' you've probably been offended by the show at least once.  Prepare to get even more offended with the recently announced South Park RPG video game.

Series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are writing the story involved with the game.  This is the first time the duo have been directly involved with development.

Players will take on the role of a new kid in South Park and attempt to fit in and be accepted by others.  The game opens with the player taking part in a live action role playing game that evolves into a real quest.

If there was any doubt to the maturity of the game, those were cast aside quickly by Feargus Urguhart, CEO of the game's developer Obsidian.  "The first thing is this needs to be South Park, it needs to be outrageous, it needs a lot of swearing, it needs a lot of children dying", he stated.  He went on to say they aren't sure how the Entertainment Software Ratings Bureau or ESRB will react when rating the game.  "..we're not going to worry about it", he went on to state.

Somewhere Jack Thompson is smiling.