It is well known that Rand Paul is one of the most vocal oppositions to the TSA and has been working to abolish the TSA. It probably doesn't bode well for the TSA that they have detained him in the Nashville Airport.

Paul refused a full body pat down after scanners went off. Rand Paul lifted his pant legs to show he had no metal and asked to be re-screened. This request was denied.

US officials are stating that they did not detain Paul, however that is the language that Paul's office is using.

"When an irregularity is found during the TSA screening process, it must be resolved prior to allowing a passenger to proceed to the secure area of the airport," TSA spokesman Greg Soule said. "Passengers who refuse to complete the screening process cannot be granted access to the secure area in order to ensure the safety of others traveling."

A TSA official said Paul was "not detained" and left the checkpoint willingly. The official was not authorized to speak for attribution.

After this incident, you can bet that the bulls eye on the TSA just got a bit bigger in Rand Paul's sites.