A large number of people who traveled thousands of miles to see the superbowl, bought tickets, hotel, airline tickets, ended up watching on big screens in lounges and stadium bars due to the fact that fire marshals deemed the extra seats put in to be unsafe. I would not have handled that too well.

Associated Press
ARLINGTON, TEXAS: The NFL said 400 ticketed Super Bowl fans who wound up not having seats at least got inside the stadium.

League spokesman Brian McCarthy said shortly after kickoff that the fans were allowed into the field-level club behind the Steelers' bench, where they could watch the game on monitors. Or they could view the game on standing-room platforms in each corner of Cowboys Stadium.

The fans will also get a refund equal to triple the face value of the $800 tickets.

The temporary seats they were supposed to have were deemed unsafe, leading to an angry scene outside the stadium as those who were affected were sent to a fenced-off area while officials tried to sort things out.

Another 850 fans were relocated to unused seats.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may have tried a little too hard to break the Super Bowl attendance record. About 15,000 temporary seats were added to the stadium in a bid to set the record for the largest crowd in Super Bowl history. Jones was aiming for more than 105,000.

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