When riding the school bus as a kid you hear stories from your peers or see things out the windows daydreaming. Watching your own kids take the ride to school, not much goes through your head just knowing your children are headed to another day school.

Monday morning near Springtown,Texas about 20 miles northwest of Fort Worth. A 10-year-old boy died after trying to catch the school bus in North Texas. The trooper that was on scene reported a school bus stopped to pick up some children.

As the bus was pulling away the boy tripped and fell as he tried to reach the school bus. The two Springtown Independent School District drivers apparently didn't see the boy, who died at the scene after being run over. There also was four children on bus, but the DPS trooper doesn't believe those students saw the accident.

Prayers for the family who lost their child. The school district is taking some precautions so this wouldn't happen again.  Maybe just a little talk about being safe, around moving vehicles to your kids could help save their lives.