Nearly 3am Saturday morning Amarillo Police respond to a burglar alarm a the United Supermarket at 5601 Amarillo Boulevard West.

The authorities identified the alarm and determined the fuel island was the target of the break-in.  A witness at the scene was able to give police a detailed description of the SUv they fled the scene in.

A lone officer spotted the SUV traveling north on Western from Gem Lake Road.  The officer observed the SUV commit two traffic violations which provided cause for the stop.

As the SUV was slowly coming to a stop the passenger in the vehicle bailed from the SUV and fled on foot.  The office ordered the driver to remain in the vehicle and the officer pursued the passenger eventually catching him and taking him into custody.

When the officer and the suspected United thief returned to the police cruiser and the SUV they discovered the driver seized the opportunity to flee but left the SUV behind.  Inside the SUV police found evidence and items taken in the United burglary.

Within the hour of police first responding to the burglar alarm the owner of the SUV called the police to report his SUV as stolen.  The owner initially loaned the vehicle to one of the burglars and when they didn't return in a reasonable amount of time the owner contacted police, obviously unaware that his SUV had been recovered and the alleged thief already in custody.

Both burglars were booked into Potter County.