Buying and selling isn't the only thing we do on Saturday's on The Erwin Pawn Tradio Show.

We also talk about the seasonal topic of the day.  This last week it was Presidents Day.  Which really isn't a day for Presidents at all.

It is supposed to be a celebration of Washington's birthday.  After Lincoln's assassination several states also began observing his birthday along with Washington's(Lincoln's is before Washington's).  During the '60's federal holidays were mandated to be observed on a Monday so we can enjoy those three day weekends.  And as a further step, those states that observed Lincoln's birthday also combined the two dates into one.  But as far as the federal government is concerned it is still only "Washington's Birthday observed".  The only other addition ever really debated was Kennedy.  So why Presidents Day?

Mattress sales.  And car sales.  Yes, its another excuse to have a sale.


On The Erwin Pawn Tradio Show where we are always having a sale on Saturday's we had to know who your favorite president was.  Ronald Reagan won it in a landslide, much like his presidential elections.

Reagan - 14

Washington - 7

Lincoln - 6

Eisenhower - 3

Bush 43 - 3

FDR - 2

Nixon, JFK, Hayes, Jefferson and Obama also had one vote each.  We also had a vote for Cheney, which was appropriately funny.  And a vote for "the next one".  My vote was for Reagan but I'm hoping "the next one" is the greatest one ever too.  Somehow I doubt it.


I was inspired for Rule #6 early last week.  I've got a pretty good friend that has unexpectedly found himself in a relationship.  We were discussing it and he remarked that he was along for the ride.  I commented that either you're the driver or the passenger.

Hello Rule #6!

Yes, in a relationship, in life, at work, on the road, at home; you are either the driver or the passenger.  If you don't like being one than take steps to be the other.

See you Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Tradio Show!