Phone data is the missing link in the homicide of an Amarillo man, stemming from a prostitution deal that went south.

An affidavit, released yesterday, has Potter & Randall Special Crimes Unit seeking a warrant to seize and gather information from phone of Dustin Rhoades, to corroborate with information from police interviews.

Amarillo Globe News:

Rhoades and CreeAnna Shamell Dawn, 23, were indicted in September on murder charges in the June 7 shooting death of Deans Anderson, 39.

Anderson was found dead at Westminister Apartments on Coutler of a gun-shot wound to the head.

Investigators found Anderson's cell-phone after his death and learned he had been in talks with prostitutes.  A prostitute, known as Dawn, had talked to Anderson several times on the night of the shooting.

At first, Dawn had denied any involvement in the death of Anderson, but later admitted she had a client session with Anderson, who refused to pay money due to "lack of condom for sex".  Allegedly, Dawn contacted Rhoades, who demanded Anderson pay the money, and shot him in the face when he refused to pay.

Cell-phones of Rhoades and his girlfriend, Kristie Ortiz, have been seized.