After a rough season and multiple outbursts, Kurt Busch and Penske Racing have parted ways. At least that's how it's being portrayed. But, most likely Kurt Busch was fired due to one of many reasons.

Most recently, a fan caught Kurt Busch on video verbally abusing an ESPN reporter during last months season finale. After the video was posted on youtube, NASCAR fined Busch $50,000. In an interview with the associated press, Busch seemed at peace with everything and insisted that leaving Penske was probably the best thing for him.

"What's troublesome is this five letter `f-i-r-e-d' word is being used, but it's obvious to me that looking back, I was very unhappy over the second half of the season," Busch told the AP.

"I need to put the fun back into racing for me. I want to be a better driver and a better person. Today is the day that begins. I take a deep breath, I smile, and I move forward from here."

Busch has admitted to beginning to see a "Sports Psychologist" after the awards ceremony for what he reports as "Personal Issues".

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