One critical key in legitimizing nostalgia is having a hall of fame.  Nothing screams this more than The National Toy Hall of Fame.

Not that I want to be a hater.  I love toys.  I've spent some of my best times playing with toys.  But a HALL?

Yes, since 1998 they've been doing it in Rochester, N.Y.  Apologies for being behind the times.

Some previous toys to make THE HALL include the stick and the ball.   I'm not sure if that means THE HALL has a sense of humor or they take themselves too seriously.

This year the three toys to make it in are the blanket, the dollhouse and Hot Wheels.  Important because if recent media reports are to be believed, the blanket is in poor health and not expected to survive through Christmas.  Dollhouses and Hot Wheels are poignant because the greatest segment of those still playing with them are the kids first given them.

I wonder when they'll induct the internet into THE HALL.  Seems I've been playing with it for years now.

For more see this source article.