A mother in Port St. Lucie, Florida was arrested for child neglect when she allowed her 7-year old son to go to the park by himself.  Nicole Gainey allowed her son Dominic to walk to a local park by himself.  As Dominic was passing a local pool, someone started asking him questions about why he was alone and where his parents were, he got scared and ran to the park.  A few minutes later the cops showed up asking him where his mom was, and not long after, Nicole Gainey was arrested for child neglect.


As you saw Nicole Gainey plans on fighting the charges.

Even though I live near a park I personally wouldn't let my 7-year old go there alone. However, if a parent thinks their child is mature enough to do so, and the park is within a short walking distance, I don't see a problem with it. It think it is up to the individual parent. I do not think she should have been arrested.

I know once upon a time in a time far, far, away (I'm talking when I was growing up in the 80s) it was OK to go to the park. I remember being able to walk to a local school playground on several occasions as a young child and play until I couldn't play anymore. That was a the great thing about being a kid.