Cadillac MemorialStanley Marsh brought Amarillo 'Cadillac Ranch' and the quirky signs posted around the city.  He also continues to face allegations that he sexually abused young boys.  A local artist is offering to help change the message by painting over the signs.

Jacob Morin has been making the rounds to the signs and asking homeowners if they would like for him to paint over the sign with artwork of his own design.  He simply knocks on the door of people with the signs in their yard and asks them if they'd like it painted over.

The signs were placed with a substantial concrete base and it isn't just a simple matter of digging the signs up should a homeowner wish to distance themselves from Stanley Marsh and his signs.

Some residents have refused having their signs painted over.  Morin plans to continue his effort traversing the city replaceing Marsh's artwork with his own.