A Utah Valley University study has found out something surprising about Facebook. The popular social networking site could make you depressed.

Facebook gave us one thing we all wanted; a way to quantify how many friends we have.  And it offers unprecedented glimpses into the lives of the people we friend.  And consider all those pictures.

Profile pictures of happy people, happy times, parties, celebrating and saved for posterity visually and digitally.  You don't see too many sad pictures on Facebook.  And that is the problem.

All those friends and all those happy pictures can lead some users to feel their life is not as satisfying and robust as all those sickeningly sweet pictures.  The study found the more time participants stayed on Facebook the more they believed their friends had better lives than themselves.

If you're feeling down and think everybody on Facebook has it better than you it's time to think about ending that relationship.  And get in touch with some real world friends.  That way you might hear some of the bad with all that good.