Jeopardy! was never one of my favorite game shows.  But like all game shows there is a trick to winning IF you can find it.  Roger Craig found one in Jeopardy!

He's a computer science PhD. for the University of Deleware and he holds the record for most lucrative day and most lucrative game in Jeopardy! history.

He cheated...sort of.

Craig developed a web tool and other programs to analyze and train on a database of past questions.  He noticed trends in the questions.  High value questions come from academic fields while low value questions come from easier and more popular topics.  The tool allowed him to tell which topics he should refresh himself.

According to Craig, three other contestants have used the tool to prepare for the show with some success.  Although not as much as Roger Craig.

Maybe he's just a smart guy.

An iPhone app is planned for the tool so even you can prep to be the next Jeopardy! record breaker.