Zombies are pretty popular, especially when you consider they don't exist.  Some people are taking cosplay to a new level with the first ever "Run For Your Lives" race in Union Point, Georgia.

Runners, who must be at least 14, will have to overcome 12 obstacles, including an incline wall, mud galore and possibly a “blood” pit.  Zombies won’t actually tackle the runners and try to gnaw their necks — that would cause some liability issues.

Instead, organizers set up a warped twist on flag football. Runners will have “health” flags on their belts. If zombies grab them all, runners also become zombies.

The fastest runners finishing the race with at least one flag intact will win prizes such as survival gear. Runners will be placed into four age groups, divided by gender,  There will also be a separate category for military personnel.

The fun starts March 3rd.