HBO has lowered the hammer on three of its under performing shows.  Hung, Bored to Death and How to Make it in America all were cancelled today.

Hung had become required viewing around my house.  My significant other was a bigger fan of the show than me.  She appreciated the eye candy.

After a weak first season Hung did pick up rather nicely.  Unfortunately season three was the best and will be the last.

For the unfamiliar, Hung follows the exploits of a High School coach turned male escort and his pimp.  It handled the subject matter fairly lightheartedly, obviously being a comedy.

My favorite HBO show of all time is Flight of The Conchords.  That show only lasted two seasons but was cancelled more due to the duo running short of material versus popularity of the show.

If HBO's habit of running old series many years past their original air dates holds true, you should be able to catch up on Hung and Flight of The Conchords any time you want.  Also look for them Ondemand and on Netflix.