Whether you are a high school student or work in an office all day, going out lunch is a part of the day we all look forward to. Going to the same place over and over can get a little boring. However coming up with new places can become more and more difficult. Here are five local places in Amarillo where you can get good grub for a reasonable price.

These places are small and affordable. They are the places to go for lunch breaks or when you just feel like a tasty meal. Never been there? Try the food for yourself. One of places listed could become your new favorite lunch break destination.

Go Burger/ Facebook page

This joint is a little shack in the corner of 45th and S. Washington. Although it seemingly blends in with the other buildings, it surely stands out with its delicious food and decent prices.The food is practically homemade and there's easy access and the service is generally fast. Their options vary from different types of juicy burgers to crispy cheese sandwiches, offering different choices for everybody's tastes.

Sharky's Burrito Co./ Facebook page

This Mexican restaurant, known for its build-it-yourself burritos and friendly service, is popular among Amarillo locals. Burritos are stuffed with flavor, built in front of you with what you want, and making for one hearty meal. All the ingredients are hand chosen and fresh with a lot of variety. This place doesn't just sell burritos, however, they also sell healthy salads and crunchy nachos with whatever toppings you want. If you like interactive restaurants and filling food, go check it out!

Green Chile Willy's Grill/ Facebook Page

Chicken, steak and burgers galore! This is another big food place with reasonable prices giving the amount of food they give you. Their steaks are 100% certified Angus beef with your preferred side dish. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxed, so you can comfortably sit down and enjoy your meal, and because the tables are for large groups, the whole gang can come and enjoy it.

Stockyard Cafe/ Facebook Page

Featured in one of the episodes of the Travel Channel's Man V. Food, this place offers homemade dishes that are hot and streaming when you get it. Located in the Auction Barn, it is literally like a stockyard. The place is small but welcoming, serving lunch all day for hungry customers.

Coyote Bluff Cafe/ Facebook Page

Though it's not the fanciest of places, the Coyote Bluff Cafe is definitely a place to check out, with their original burgers such as the Hickory Burger and the Burger From Hell. It's the perfect place to go if you just want good food without any of the fancy decor. That being said this place only accepts cash, so if you want to check it out make sure to bring the green.