Over the last few months on Facebook a group of folks got together to give their life's new meaning.  They got into the Guinness Book.

It isn't actually a book any longer, which is disappointing. If you beat or set a record you'll only get a small piece of internet real estate on the Guinness World Record sight.

So records are set unintentionally and those are usually pretty notable and cool.  Others are striven for.  And those can be frankly, stupid.

A group of Facebookers  set a record last week, earning official Guinness recognition for recording the most comments on a Facebook item at 1,001,552. And then Tuesday morning, they mysteriously hid their record from the world's eyes.

The effort started with a post on a Frontierville group’s Facebook page on Oct. 30 and from there about 107 people left their mark -- over and over and over again.