If you didn't spend your Saturday morning with the Erwin Pawn Tradio Show you missed great items, a lot of love and some important food advice.

It's the show where you can sell almost anything, buy just about anything and try to find everything else.  It really is radio that works for the listener and we love doing it.

We had a few notable items last Saturday.  Not one, but two garage sales this week!  It's been since before Thanksgiving that we've had any of those.  Also lost of puppies like pomeranians and chihuahuas.  A second floor emergency fire rescue ladder, and a claw foot bathtub.  We also had some neat collectables like a Coca-Cola ceiling fan and a 1971 Dallas Cowboys Pepsi bottle from the Super Bowl that year.

You never know what you might hear being sold!  And you'll be surprised what you can sell.

We ask everyone a 'big question' before they give their items.  This week's was inspired by the upcoming lover's holiday, Valentine's Day.  We wanted to know if callers had a Valentine.  35 said yes, 7 said no.  No matter what, you'll obviously find a lot of love on the Erwin Pawn Tradio Show.

Rule #6, our stab at a weekly aphorism was inspired by my dinner Friday night.  We we're having breakfast burritos.  It suddenly struck me how much better a tortilla makes eggs, sausage and cheese.  I had discovered long ago of course, but this time I realized an even greater revelation.

Rule #6: Everything Is Better In A Tortilla.

You name the item and I'll say its better in a tortilla.  Beef, chicken, fish; yes.  Vegetables and fruit?  You betcha.  Diane Abernathy tried to get cute and suggest soup.  I submit you could combine soup with some crackers, make a paste, roll it in a tortilla and walla, it's better.

This whole tortilla thought got me on another of my rants/opinions.  If it is in a tortilla it is a BURRITO.  It is not a "wrap".  Like McDonald's 'snack wraps".  They are burritos, I don't think they are any more snacky or cool because it is called a wrap.  In fact it tells me it is such a sad item that it cannot attain burrito status.

And just because Mexican food is not the item rolled in the tortilla does not preclude it from being a burrito.  It is another example of over-anglicizing.  Only it serves no real purpose, other than to look down on and demean burritos.  Fools.  Burritos have officially supplanted pizza as my favorite food.  Why?

Don't miss the next edition of the Erwin Pawn Tradio Show.  Do me a favor and give us a call and try to sell something.  We would love to hear from you!