There is no arguing that the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado was shocking and quite surreal.  But should we begin to give up our 2nd Amendment right in the name of this mentally disturbed person?  I think not and it seems plenty of Amarilloans  agree.  If fact that they are arming up.

The Erwin Pawn Tradio show comes your way every Saturday beginning at 9:00am.  For the uninitiated, Tradio is the show where you can buy pretty much all you want, with the exception Guns and Ammunition.  They sell those in the store.

Be sure and tune in  during the next edition of Tradio, from 9-4. Pawn Tradio Show from 9.4

Gun sells in Amarillo have  gotten quite big since the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.  "Gun sales have gone up quite a bit, ammo sales, case lots of ammo have really gone up," said David Erwin, the owner of Erwin Pawn Shop.