This is a wallet.  It looks similar to the one I lost last week.  It was a big topic of discussion of The Erwin Pawn Tradio Show.

Buying, selling and trading were on the agenda as they always are on EPTS.  Everybody had a great time and we hope you didn't miss it.  Just in case, here are the highlights.


This week's special rule was inspired by the events that befell me last week while on vacation.  I lost my wallet somewhere in between Amarillo and Lubbock.  It was the first day of vacation.  I had everything in there and right now I'm in a heck of a pinch.

Rule #6: Don't lose your wallet on vacation

Kind of goes without saying but I did it so I said it!


Our weekly poll question played into the rule.  I simply had to know if our callers had the same problem

Have you ever lost your wallet of pocketbook

Yes 27

No 13

It is nice to know I'm not the only one out there!

See you next Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Tradio Show!