Donating blood saves lives and is a true testament to ones character. Without you, there is no way they can save as many people as they do each year. I got an email from Coffee Memorial Blood Center I thought I'd share.

Hey guys!  Hope your week is off to a great start!  Its been a long
time since we have had to do this but its that time of year -- summer

People are traveling, kids are out of school and everyone is outdoors
so they are not as available to donate.  However, for those very same
reasons, blood usage potentially goes up in summer.  Type O- is
especially important because it is the universal donor and can be
given to anyone in a crisis.  We are currently in CRITICAL need for
O-!  Immediate need for all other blood types as well with the
exception of AB.  Please call 331-8800 for your appt to donate or
visit, blood drive calendar, for a mobile drive
near you!  Every eligible donor on mobiles will receive a lifesaver
t-shirt and in-center a lifesaver beach towel.