We have all heard of that one friend who says they were beaten or attacked by a cop.  It seems unlikely because cops are suppose to be the helpers.  Well, this cop in Chicago seems to take his authority to another level.

Cassandra Feuerstein, 47,  was found on the side of the road, drunk!  She was taken into custody and booked for DUI.  When she arrived at the police station, she began the process of being booked.  That is when things got a little out of hand.

When told to look at the camera, Feuerstein had a little trouble looking where she was told.  That is when Officer Michael Hart lost it.  He grabbed the girl by her shirt and escorted her back to her cell.  That is when he shoved her and she fell onto the concrete bench.  Watch the video below.  1 minute 36 is where the officer gets upset.

The young lady is going to require reconstructive surgery to repair the damages.  The officer's defense: She was resisting arrest by not looking into the camera.  And she was DRUNK!  Of course she isn't going to have the best balance.

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